About Us


GteeStore.com is a product of the Gtee® Group of Companies. The group is primarily into Herbal and Speciality Tea business. Gtee is one of the leading Packaged Hibiscus Tea brand in India.

The Gtee® Group had its humble beginnings in the year 2003 as a green tea brand, now has a wide range of herbal teas and traditional herbal food products in its portfolio. The group has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has its operations all over India and several other countries including USA and Canada. The company has an ethic in marketing high quality‚ standard products to their customers.

Gtee has its own uniqueness in taste, product elegance and quality. People deserve its quality, as Gtee incorporates only pure natural herbs in all its products including tea, and its flavours ingredients, without adding any artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives or any other synthetic chemicals.